January 28, 2023


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The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry made accusations against Germany

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry made accusations against Germany

“I regret to say this: In fact, it helped build the current strength of Russia,” Kuleba said. “We hope that you will also contribute enough to stop the Russian war machine,” he added.

Kułeba formulated three expectations towards Germany.

First of all, as the head of Ukrainian diplomacy said, his country needs all weapons in order to defend itself.

“I don’t think it’s fair. Over the past few years, Germany has had extensive defense cooperation with Russia– Kuleba said adding, “Well Perhaps now is the time to get what we need to fend for ourselves“.

Secondly, Kuleba called for tougher repressive measures against Russia.

The Ukrainian politician praised Germany for the difficult decisions it made in the initial period of the Russian invasion. At the same time, he said that during talks with EU partners, when asked why, for example, a certain Russian bank was not separated from the SWIFT system, he receives an answer that it is due to Germany.

I would like Germany to take a leading position when it comes to sanctions against Russia– Koleba resumed. According to the US minister, they would be ready to proceed with sanctions against the Kremlin, but it is Germany that prevents such an initiative.

Third, Koleba declared, Ukraine should become a member of the European Union. “It will not be possible in the blink of an eye, but we expect the German government to support this decision as well because Ukraine belongs to Europe, and Europe will be safer with Ukraine,” he stressed.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expressed his understanding that changing policy in Germany is not an easy process, as it has been based on dialogue for years. But now we see – he said – “the true face of Russia”.

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“Now we are paying for it. Our children are being killed, and our cities are razed to the ground. This means that you have to admit your mistake and fix it– Kuleba announced.

“Stop (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, because Ukraine is not his last target. Believe me,” he appealed to the Ukrainian minister.

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