North Korea fired the missile again
  • Earlier this morning, a panel of South Korean military chiefs of staff reported that North Korea fired three missiles Thursday, including a long-range missile and two short-range missiles, toward the Sea of ​​Japan.
  • According to Yonhap Agency, citing the opinions of South Korean military experts, the test of the North Korean long-range missile that took place Thursday morning was most likely a failure.
  • North Korea on Wednesday launched 23 standard ballistic missiles, one of which landed just 57 kilometers off the coast of South Korea. This was the first such case since the Korean War, which ended in 1953
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Earlier this morning, a panel of South Korean army chiefs of staff reported that North Korea on Thursday fired three missiles, including a long-range and two short-range, toward the Sea of ​​Japan. Japanese authorities, in contrast to previous reports, said that the long-range missile did not pass over Japan.

According to Yonhap Agency, citing the opinions of South Korean military experts, the North Korean long-range missile test conducted Thursday morning most likely failed. Japan officially protested after this attempt. Washington condemned the tests. They estimate that it may have been an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

“The flight of the North Korean long-range missile, after separating its second stage, cannot be considered normal,” said a statement issued by the South Korean military staff, carried by Yonhap Agency.

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Another test of a Pyongyang missile was after at least 23 missiles of various types were launched on Wednesday One of them fell into the sea only 60 km from the east coast of South Korea.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price condemned Pyongyang’s subsequent missile tests, saying they “emphasize the need for all countries to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting North Korea from obtaining technology and materials for these destabilizing tests.”

Price urged North Korea to “refrain from further provocations and engage in substantive dialogue.”

North Korea has launched a record number of ballistic missiles in recent days, and the country’s leader Kim Jong Un is unhappy with greater military cooperation between South Korea and the United States – Korea specialist Brian Bridges said in an interview with the Polish News Agency. He adds that neither Russia nor China is able to fully control the Pyongyang regime.

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