Kanclerz Niemiec zmienia swoją retorykę w sprawie rosyjskiej agresji na Ukrainę (fot. PAP/EPA/SASCHA STEINBACH)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Monday evening on ZDF television that the ongoing war “Russia cannot win and Ukraine cannot lose.” He also declared that “the Ukrainian army will continue to receive support.”

The Ukrainian ambassador called on German dockers to boycott the tanker carrying Russian oil

The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andrei Melnik, called on workers in the port of Rostock, north-eastern Germany, not to unload their cargo…

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Report: The war in Ukraine

The Prime Minister confirmed this The financial and military assistance provided by Germany and other countries contributed to the fact that “the Ukrainian army, which works very effectively, is able to stand up to such a powerful enemy for a long time”. It was also announced that these activities would continue.

The goal should be for Ukraine to live in peace and freedom. Our goal is to stop the fighting immediately, end the war by Russia, and withdraw its soldiers from Ukraine Said Olaf Schulze.

It’s time to put our arrogance aside. Politician advises co-author of Elite Letter to Counsellor

It’s time to put our arrogance aside and believe the people directly affected – so was the head of the European Affairs Committee in …

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“Russia cannot win and Ukraine cannot lose,” the chancellor explained, adding that There can be no question of peace imposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Russia should withdraw from the territory of Ukraine,” Schultz said, stressing that Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 also violates international law.

Schulz denied accusations that Germany’s policy toward Ukraine was too unstable. –I always made decisions quickly, in consultation with my allies. But my course is also that we must act wisely and with a clear mind Counsellor said.

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