Matura 2022: English, Polish, and Mathematics.  Surprises, flavors, and the risk of fundamental error

Most of the students rated the Matura exam in English as easy. However, Anna Klish, an English teacher and Author of matura courses onlinebetter known as Mrs. English, admits it There were “difficult moments”.

– In the customizations-wide measures There were some tough momentsBecause Present perfect noonwhich many high school graduates don’t like (and in task 8 he was twice) and compound verbWhich is often a problem, too. I think task 9 shouldn’t be too difficult, except for 9.3 for example, where a lot of people probably chose “rent” instead of “allow”, because they associate the first with renting an apartment – the Interia teacher commented.

On the third day of the 2022 Matura exam It was also not without ‘leak scandal’. Even before the elementary English exam, a picture of task 10, related to a longer written statement, appeared on the web. The idea was to create a blog that promotes cycling.

The Central Examination Committee responded to the leakNotify the Public Prosecutor’s Office in this regard.

Matura 2022: Fundamentals of the English Language. CKE paper and answers

If you look at students’ opinions about Difficulty level in the matura 2022 exam In the case of basic level exams, most complaints are about mathematics. This is usually the subject that fails with the most candidates – without getting the minimum required – that is 30 percent.

Mathematics teachers Interia interviewed after graduating from a high school leaving examination in this subject acknowledged that the tasks were largely similar to those in previous years, including some so-called “Graduation certificates”.

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