‘The Great Escaper’ Review: Borwell to Arms by Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson

A true and moving story told by Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson, a World War II veteran unannounced leaves his retirement home to attend commemorations of the Allied landings.

Only after release The Great Escaper, Michael Caine has warned that he will indeed retire at the age of 90, after a career marked by more than 160 films, including Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Glenda Jackson, a two-time Academy Award winner and member of the British Parliament, died shortly after filming.

The film is directed by Oliver Parker, a filmmaker experienced in Shakespeare adaptations, and written by William Ivory (Dagenham Girls), Bernard Jordan (Michael Caine) and his wife Irene (Glenda Jackson) are enjoying their remaining years in a quiet retirement home in England as Irene’s health deteriorates.

Ceremonies around 70e The anniversary of the Normandy landings is approaching and Bernard, a veteran of the British Armed Forces who took part in D-Day, wants to join in. But we deny him. Then he decides to go alone. He arrives in France by train, by boat, and finally another veteran calls the nursing home to report that their missing resident is safe, keeping Irene’s secret.

The media took up the issue, newspapers and television stations carried reports and special broadcasts, and the story inspired enough to touch people’s hearts. Movie, its title The Great Escaper (Indeed The Great Escape) refers to the nickname given to Bernard by the media, borne by two formidable actors, Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson, who make us forget the thinness of the scene, which deals with memory, grief, death and futility. War.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Great Escaper It opens in theaters in Quebec starting May 31.

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