Morawiecki declaration of assets.  4 million in bonds and several real estate properties

Mateusz Morawiecki has savings worth PLN 328,700 and treasury bonds worth PLN 4,032,439. In addition, the former Prime Minister owns two houses – a house of approximately 150 square meters worth PLN 1.9 million and a house of approximately 100 square meters, which, together with the plot of land and buildings, is worth about 3.5 million PLN.

Morawiecki also owns a 72.4 square meter apartment worth PLN 1.1 million, of which half the lot is worth about PLN 600,000. Zloty. and a plot of agricultural land worth approximately PLN 200,000. Zloty.

The former prime minister does not own a car, but in his declaration he included among his movable property furniture with a total value of about 355 thousand Polish zlotys. PLN and technical equipment for about PLN 30,000. Zloty. Morawiecki has no financial obligations, loans or credits.

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Last year, Morawiecki earned 392,260.44 PLN from his job in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, and as a member of parliament – from the parliamentary allowance for 2022 – 45,679.92 PLN (including income of 9,679.92 PLN).

The hidden wealth of Prime Minister Morawiecki’s wife

In September, we revealed one of the former Prime Minister’s biggest secrets – the fortune he left to his wife. It is estimated that properties worth around PLN 120 million have passed into the hands of the Morawiecki family in recent years.

Iwona Morawiecka’s income from the sale of several of them alone has exceeded PLN 21 million in the last three years. She has sold at least one property to a foreigner.

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