The great disagreement among Polish scientists.  It was about aluminium

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  • The names “aluminium” and “aluminum” are often used interchangeably, although in reality they are not the same thing.

  • Aluminum as the name of an element found on Earth appeared in Polish chemistry nomenclature in 1810.

  • Aluminum is a widely used mineral, but to obtain it, it is necessary to process minerals containing aluminum – bauxite is often used for this purpose.

The problem of distinguishing between “aluminum” and “aluminum” was noticed in the Polish world of materials science and engineering at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time attention had already been drawn to the fact that A naturally occurring metal (the name “element” was not yet in use at the time), which, according to recent research, makes up more than eight percent of the Earth’s crust, and is not the same as what we know today as “aluminium.”. We learn about clay at school during chemistry lessons, but despite the many education and discussions by Polish chemists and engineers of the past, we still Publications happenin which Someone confuses aluminum with aluminum the These two names are used interchangeably.

Photo: Alexander Slendzinsky / Wikipedia / Public Domain

Jedrzej Šniadski

What caused this error and where did the name “Glen” come from in Polish? After all, it is not related to metal, but to clay, that is, a clayey sedimentary rock used, among other things, in ceramics.

Aluminum and aluminum – are they the same thing?

This issue was first raised by Jedrzej Śniadecki, the chemist considered one of the fathers of Polish nomenclature in this field, who in his two-volume study “The beginnings of chemistry” Published 1810 (last edition dates from 1816) The term “aluminium” was first used.. In the following years, this name became acceptable, but the naming issue returned several times. For example, in one of the magazine’s issues “Chemical industry” From 1938 we can read:

Later in the article (I highly recommend reading the entire memorized text; a magical experience) we can read about that After Schniadecki, other chemists tried to push names like “Glink” or “Glenian”.But ultimately, the Polish scientific world stuck with aluminium, a light metal known in the element system as Al. However, it was already clear It is essential to use appropriate nomenclature that distinguishes naturally occurring aluminum from the material engineering selection of aluminum.

Part of a magazine article "Chemical industry" Regarding aluminum and aluminiumImage: Digital Library of Warsaw University of Technology

Part of an article from the magazine “Chemical Industry” regarding aluminum and aluminium

To summarize and clarify once and for all:

  • to forbid It is an element commonly found in the Earth’s crust. It has a metallic silver color and oxidizes very quickly in air (it is covered by a few nanometers of Al2O3 oxide). Common compounds used in the chemical industry are aluminum oxide or aluminum hydroxide.

  • Aluminium It is a substance that contains, in addition to aluminum (about 99%), various additives and impurities (depending on the production method). This name is also used to describe the alloy – duralumin, where alloying additives such as copper, magnesium or manganese are used, in addition to aluminum.

Interestingly, Aluminum itself does not play a major role in aluminum production. Although common, bauxite is used to produce the mineral which is then used in various industries, viz Rocks composed mainly of aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum is expensive to mine, so its recycling is crucial – in Poland, the recovery rate of this metal is 60-65%. (Taxes for 2022 p.).

AluminiumPhoto: Max Studio/Shutterstock


Aluminum and aluminum – it’s easy to make mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes nowadays, especially in this day and age ponglisha And automatic translation of articles and entire websites. Both the Latin and English names for aluminum are “aluminium”That’s why many people use these names interchangeably, which is a big mistake. It’s a bit like confusing magnesium (an element) with a magnet (an object or device that produces a static magnetic field), However, such mistakes happen to many people in everyday life.

So I’m happy about that In a recently released game Starfield The translation team responsible for translating the production into Polish did not take the easy route. The Bethesda title consistently used the name “aluminium” for the element used in crafting, which in the English version is referred to as “aluminum”.

I think many engineers or chemists would be very surprised if they had to extract aluminum in the Starfield.But fortunately the translators and editors responsible for the translation were up to the task. And if you want to check how to play Starfield yourself, below you will find links to stores, thanks to which you can check the current prices for Xbox consoles and the production itself:

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