January 27, 2023


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Artificially grown meat disgusted the participants in the experiment

Artificially grown meat disgusted the participants in the experiment

For many years, you could hear calls louder and louder from vegetarians and vegans to stop or at least stop Trying to reduce meat consumption. Often the main premise for this is the suffering of animals or the environment, the breeding of animals and the production of the meat that they produce Too much carbon dioxide. It may seem that it will be a real revolution and settlement Industrially processed meat in laboratory conditions. After all, no animal will suffer from it, and the production of such foods is more ecological than traditional methods. But it seems that people do not want to eat such meat.

The results of studies have been released showing that people are quite skeptical about the idea of ​​trying such meat. We are talking about food created artificially in the laboratory, but based on the muscles of real animals. Study participants They hesitated to taste meat because of its unnatural nature.

1,587 volunteers participated in the study, including omnivores and vegetarians. About 35 percent of people generally eat meat, 55 percent. Vegetarians were so disgusted with artificial meat that they refused to try it at all. While vegetarians can’t be blamed for this, they end up on their own for years Do not voluntarily eat meat, so the result among carnivores may be alarming. Researchers say that the main reason for this is Receiving meat from the lab as ‘unnatural’. Moreover, making artificial food similar to the meat known to us automatically reduced the feeling of disgust among the study participants.

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The participation of meat-eaters and vegetarians in the program made it possible to discover two main problems that caused this Lab meat may not be accepted. For omnivores, the food was very little like meat, and for vegetarians a lot. The researchers note that there is still much work to be done to convince the public to do so Lab-grown meat is not unnatural.