attention!  Do not install the new PlayStation Portal software.  Many users reported problems

The recent update of PS Portal to version 3.0.0 appears to have caused unexpected Internet connection issues.

Although the update was intended to introduce new features and correct some bugs, many players reported issues when connecting to their home Wi-Fi network.

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PS Gateway not working after update 3.0.0
byu/Slow_Type9988 inPlayStation Portal

There have been many reports on Reddit and other social media platforms from users who… It is not possible to connect to the Internet properly after installing the new software version. These issues mainly affect home networks, which is especially annoying considering that the update was intended to make it easier to use the Controller on public Wi-Fi networks.

Some players are also reporting graphical artifacts appearing more frequently than usual after the update. Furthermore, in extreme cases, some people have reported that their PS Gateway freezes completely and is unusable.

PSA: Not connecting after update? Try to restore
Factory settings using u/discophunk Th PlayStation Portal

However, not everyone faces these problems. Some players claim that their devices work flawlesslysuggesting that the issue may only affect some users, but as we know, it’s always better to be safe.

Sony has not yet issued an official statement, so has not commented on players’ concerns. All we can do is wait for the answer and possible solution. PS Portal has been very popular and successful so far, so let’s hope the company overcomes these difficulties quickly.

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