Dolezal is the champion of Zagłębie.  Four goals and VAR technique in Lublin Football

In Lubin it is too Wesla Book It was a favorite because it was placed much higher in the table. However, Zaglebie struggles not to be in the relegation zone at the end of the season and fights for points in this match until the end.

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They played for a draw until the end of the first half

At first the people of Lupine took the initiative and took control of the game. Unfortunately, this effect was not visible. exactly the contrary. Already in the 11th minute Łukasz Sekulski Approved the ball In the Zagłębie penalty area, he arranged a shot and opened the result of the match. After a moment, the score could have been 2: 0, because the home team’s defenders made a mistake. However, Kacper Bieszczad acted consciously, kicking the ball before it fell into the goal he was guarding.

Drama of a former Polish actor. “Passed another series of tests”

However, Piotr Stokowiec players did not give up. And it paid off, because they showed a great job in the 31st minute. Wisła tried to stay in the half of the opponent, but Zagłębie was playing with too much pressure. At some point, they moved very quickly to the Płock penalty area. Kacper Chodyna passed the ball to Martin Dolezal, whose first shot was saved by Kamiński, but had no chance with the rebound. And so it came to a tie.

Great second half for Zagłębie and first win in four matches

After changing sides pelvis He still controls the ball. At this point in the match, they had a 56 percent advantage in that stat. Up to 44 percent this came into effect already in the 59th minute of the match. Łukasz Łakomy showed a great cross, heading into the goal Dolezalwhich further increased Zagłębie’s progress.

Later, the inhabitants of Lubin followed the blow. This time ukasz Łakomy added a goal to the assist. Patryk Szysz showed a great pass, and Łakomy scored his first goal with a powerful shot from 12 metres. PKO Ekstraklasa.

Later, Wisła took the lead. They wanted to equalize at all costs. Maciej Bartoszek’s players showed that it was worth fighting to the end. In the 85th minute, an uproar erupted in the Zagobi penalty area. Rafai Volsky’s shot, the ball bounced off Sasa Balic and fell into the goal. It looked like a private target, but the target was not recognized after checking the video. It turns out that Damian Michalsky was a hacker.

Lupine’s team did not manage to score the last star. As a result, the latter enjoyed victory, after which he moved to the thirteenth position in the table Premier League He jumped from the drop zone by three points. Wesla Book However, it has fallen to the ninth place.

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