Surprise decision in PKO BP.  Speculation abounds

The PKO BP Supervisory Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 8, was to be devoted to topics including: Changes in the composition of the Board of Directors of Poland’s largest bank. “Puls Biznesu” unofficially decided that the item on personnel changes has been removed from the agenda.. “Therefore, the Board of Directors, headed by Darius Swed, will remain unchanged.”

No revolution in PKO BP

“PB” reported that information about the planned resignations caused PKO BP to panic. The seemingly controversial solution of dismissing the current managers and appointing new ones just before the formation of the new government is financially justified. “The rotation of relatively well-paid positions was supposed to allow candidates to repair their family budgets and gain the right to severance pay after the expected purge by the new government,” says PB.

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However, severance pay is due after serving on the board for a long and fixed period, and changes may occur at the top of SOEs in the coming months. Policy Civil Coalition They will conduct investigative interviews with candidates for the position of new president of PKO BP. The selection will be made in the competition.

“Puls Biznesu” also learned that the resignations on the Board of Directors of PKO BP, which were speculated, were mainly aimed at the removal of Dariush Swed from the position of Chairman by the Ministry of State Assets (MAP). He added, “The head of the Maghreb Arab Press, Jacek Sassen, belongs to a faction competing for influence in… Law and Justice Party With the environment of Mateusz Morawiecki, with whom the head of PKO BP is connected,” writes “PB”.

In April this year, the Supervisory Board of PKO BP appointed Al-Suwaidi as head of the bank, subject to approval by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Until appropriate approval is obtained, he serves as Vice President in charge of the Board of Directors. He took office on April 14, 2023. Approval from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority was obtained at the end of August.

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