January 27, 2023


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The perfect holiday movie

Daniel Craig portrays world famous private detective Benoît Blanc in the film The Glass Onion: A Story in Struggle From Rian Johnson, the director of the first and most famous film in the fightPublished in 2019.

A brilliant billionaire invites a group of his friends to spend the weekend on his private island in Greece to compete in a sophisticated version of the game. Murders and Mysteries. A game we can easily guess turns into a real tragedy: one (or more) murders to be solved.

This is the premise of the film The Glass Onion: A Story in StruggleA continuation of the adventures of detective Benoît Blanc from the hit movie from 2019. in the fight.

Dear Detective White

It’s hard not to fall for this good-natured but incredibly intelligent detective played by Daniel Craig. The 54-year-old actor from the United Kingdom made us forget his charming and almost invincible James Bond in a delicious way. Expensive suits, swagger, a British accent and superhuman strength: the white detective is aloof, observant, and instead uses a false innocence to achieve his goals.

We love this gang of stereotypical but quirky characters, a muscular influencer (Dave Bautista) with his beautiful girlfriend (Madeleine Kline), an assistant trying to manage the damage of his famous client (Kathryn Hahn), an out-of-date scientist (Leslie Odom Jr.), the band’s friend-turned-friend (Janelle Monae) and eccentric billionaire Miles Bronn (Edward Norton).

Glass onions Entertains, makes us laugh (the uneducated and very naive former model/fashionista played by Kate Hudson is a delicious character!) and playfully bends our brains with an uncomplicated, yet entertaining plot. It seems like a recipe for success, with Netflix paying $450 million to acquire the rights to the second installment and the upcoming third installment.

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We smile (as in all good films) when every person present quickly realizes that the victim has a motive for murder. Important), but we’re still rooting for this film, which ticks all the boxes of the perfect movie we want to watch over the holidays.

  • The Glass Onion: A Story in Struggle ★★★1⁄2

Photo by Rian Johnson

With Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Madeleine Kline and Dave Bautista