75 million dollars… that's how much Disney+ spent to make this movie with Taylor Swift.  Nothing stops the pop star

news culture 75 million dollars… that's how much Disney+ spent to make this movie with Taylor Swift. Nothing stops the pop star


We know that Disney has mastered the art of buying the best licenses to expand its catalog. A few days ago, the company invested this time in the world of music by presenting Taylor Swift's latest movie. A masterstroke for Mickey?

Disney awards him $75 million

Marvel, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox… Disney can no longer count the huge licenses or production companies it has acquired to absorb them into its ecosystem. Today, the Californian company sits atop an empire so vast it's hard to know it doesn't belong. However, that won't stop the public from flocking to the Disney+ platform when it raises its prices. In fact, during the final celebrations in 2023, Disney+ lost just under 1.3 million subscribers to the platform following its price hike announcement.. It's a shortcoming that Bob Iger wants to address with his new purchase.

A little less than a week, Disney+ was lucky enough to be able to exclusively stream Taylor Swift's legendary Eras tour on SVOD services. Baptized Taylor Swift: Era's Tour (Taylor's Version), this filmed version of the American singer's current tour is a huge hit with fans. Despite the enormity of her tour and the number of her dates, Taylor Swift has not visited every country in the world, and all her concerts are sold out in seconds, causing many server problems. Process in Ticketmaster.

Given the size that the American star has taken in recent years and the huge impact it has on the economy around it, it's no surprise that Disney decided to invest some big money in such an opportunity. Micky's company will cost not less than 75 million dollars, and the popular Taylor Swift: Era's Tour (Taylor's version) will consist of 4 exclusive songs and the Cardigan song, and fans will attend the 3-hour show. It can be seen in the cinema version. If you want to discover this absolutely mind-blowing show (which we sincerely recommend), you'll have to wait. 15 Tuesday Can be done directly on Disney+.

Disney makes announcements

If there isn't really a specific event to justify it, Disney has made some big announcements in recent days. In addition to treating you to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour on Disney+, A few days ago, the Californian company announced that Percy Jackson and the Olympians could officially benefit from Season 2 of the series. As we told you in this article, the first season was particularly successful, and it must be said that it got a better audience score than some recent Marvel and Star Wars productions.

75 million dollars... that's how much Disney+ spent to make this movie with Taylor Swift.  Nothing stops the pop star

Further, Disney surprised by announcing that it will invest no less than 1.5 billion dollars in Epic Games, specifically to develop its presence in the video game Fortnite. With such a huge amount of money to spend, we can already expect many collaborations between Disney and Fortnite, some of which may go further than skins. In fact, we remind you that the Epic Games game recently decided to extend beyond its island by offering a game made entirely of virtual Lego, not forgetting the racing game combined with a real rhythm game inspired by Guitar Hero and Rockband and Rocket. League. Could we see Percy Jackson and Taylor Swift in Fortnite soon? Only the future will tell us.

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