Raquel Pelissier wants “July 7” movie to inspire young people to “rebuild Haiti”

The film, inspired by the July 7 assassination of President Jovenel Moise, is currently in post-production. In this short interview with Loop, model Raquel Pélissier, who plays the lead role, talks about her character, her experience on set, and her desire for the film to be “internationally standard”…

“July 7” is a fantasy film by a Haitian director Robinson LavinsKnown for “I Remember”, “Married Men”. Film maker Always wanted to document “what’s going on.” [son] Country”, after the events that led to the death of Jovenel Moise in 2021 As he told Le Nouvelliste, he decided to start doing this work.

The film traces the life of the President from his childhood to his rise to the highest position in the state. Screenplay by novelist Gary Victor. The cast mainly consists of Haitian personalities who play the main role with the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2016, Raquel Pelissier, actors and actresses Fresnel LaRossillier, Paul Henri Athis, Galle Jean-Baptiste or the young singer Jean Carmel. Buto seems to embody the former president in his younger days.

Below is a short exchange between our editorial staff and lead actress Raquel Pelissier on “July 7th,” which she likes to be “inspiring.”[r] Haitian Youth to Rebuild Haiti”.

Lupe: You recently announced the July 7 film on your social networks. What can you tell us about your role in this film?

Rahul Pelissier: I am the lead actress of July 7th. I play Shetline, a young woman studying in New York who decides to return home to create her memorial project involving the president who was assassinated last July. 7.

Loop: This is already a highly anticipated project as per the reactions on social networks. What should the audience expect from this film?

PR: 7 July is not a typical movie, you can predict what will happen and that is what makes this movie interesting. The preparation was very professional. The audience can expect the film to be made of international standards.

Lupe: We know you as a model and writer. Was this the start of an acting career?

PR: Actress, I believe. I want to continue this career. This is my first film and I really enjoyed the experience. I hope my fans will appreciate this new feature by Rahul Pelissier.

Kanni: What was your reaction when you were approached for this film?

PR: Director Robenson Lauvince contacted me directly. By the way, I took some time to accept because I wanted to make sure that it was a film with a message that would affect our society, especially the new generation. After understanding the director’s vision, I didn’t hesitate.

Lupe: Moments on set that stood out for you?

PR: I was really struck by the professionalism of the production team. It is very interesting to work in an environment where everyone shares the same objective and our aim is to make this film make its way nationally and internationally.

Kanni: The film has a big political stake as the investigations into the assassination of the president are still going on. Aren’t you worried that the headline might somehow influence public opinion or the legal process?

PR: The film certainly has a political stake, although the tragedy of July 7 is a historical fact. Most Haitians living in the country or abroad still feel deeply confused about the event. I think this film has the power to rekindle hope for the future of our country.

Lupe: Personally, what impact do you want July 7 to have on those who see it?

PR: I liked this film to inspire Haitian youth to rebuild Haiti because they will be the future leaders of this country.

Lupe: Any last words for those reading this interview and waiting for the movie?

PR: Be patient because you won’t regret it.

Interview by Raul Jr. Lorfils

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