March 26, 2023


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The formidable Czykier broke the 23-year-old Polish record!  He fell on the treadmill and burst into tears

The formidable Czykier broke the 23-year-old Polish record! He fell on the treadmill and burst into tears

Since the start of the Copernicus Cup encounter, Damien Cheeker has shown that he is in great shape. The 29-year-old easily won the qualifying series with a time of 7.56sec and had a 0.24sec advantage over Spaniard Orlando Ortega. In the final, Czykier was not a sure candidate, because apart from Ortega, his main competitor was the Frenchman Wilhem Belocian. However, the semi-finals of the 110m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics showed what he could do.

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Damien Szeker has set a new Polish record. But he realizes that there are mistakes in running

Damien Szecker made a great start in the 60m hurdles final and immediately left other competitors behind, including Orlando Ortega and Wilhelm Beluchian. The 29-year-old ran to the finish line and immediately looked at the clock. The latter showed 7.51 seconds at the start, and Czykier began running around the hall with folded hands and begged him not to lose his record. It turned out that the sprinter had a time of 7.48 and thus broke the Polish record from 1999, which belonged to Tomasz ¦cigaszewski.

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After seeing the official score, Damien Szecker grabbed his head, fell on the treadmill and burst into tears. When he received flowers from the organizers, he decided to throw them at the partner in the stands, and himself conducted a tribute tour around the entire hall. Czykier also climbed to fourth in this year’s world charts for the 60m and second in Europe. Only Gran Holloway (7.35), Trey Cunningham (7.42, both United States of America) and the French Pascal Martinot Lagarde (7.46). – I’ve fantasized about this day for years. I’m so glad it was a string with errors. Help Toruń fans. Belgrade, world championships – there’s a good atmosphere there too, Cekir admitted.

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Second place was taken by Jakub Szymañski with a score of 7.63 seconds, ahead of Wilhem Bolecian by 0.01 seconds, which can be clearly seen at the end of the photo. Fourth place was occupied by Orlando Ortega with a score of 7.71 seconds, which will not appear at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. It is likely that Spain will be represented in the hurdles by Aser Martinez and Kiki Ubis.

This is how Damien Szecker set the Polish record in the 60m hurdles