The first quantum computer of its kind in history.  The new device contains a record number of qubits

After breaking the magic limit of 1000 qubits Stewi Fermat Atom Computing. This result clearly outperforms the previous pioneer, the Osprey quantum computer designed by IBM. In this case, there were 433 qubits, which from today’s perspective does not seem like an impressive result. However, not long ago we wrote about it only in superlatives.

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Naturally, it should be taken into account that a mere increase in the number of qubits does not necessarily determine how useful such a quantum computer will be, but it is certainly a good sign. It creates the possibility of increased efficiency of calculations, which will be performed much faster, potentially leading to breakthroughs never before dreamed of. And in many different fields, such as mathematics, physics, astronomy or the design of new materials.

The exact result achieved by Atom Computing is 1,180 qubits. There the quantum computer uses neutral atoms trapped in a two-dimensional lattice by a laser. This is an innovative approach that distinguishes the new device from devices designed by market giants such as IBM or Google.

Atom Computing’s quantum computer was the first in history to exceed 1,000 qubits. The previous record holder, IBM’s Osprey, had “only” 433 of them.

Quantum computers use qubits, or quantum bits. These, unlike regular bits, can accept not only values ​​of 0 or 1, but also both at the same time. This translates into an increase in the efficiency of information storage and transmission, which of course has a beneficial effect on the implementation of various types of tasks and calculations.

Although comparing individual quantum computers based on raw data doesn’t make much sense, Atom Computing representative Ben Bloom says the device his company designed has processing capabilities similar to IBM’s Osprey. Unfortunately, we have to take these assertions seriously, because to date no data confirming this has been published.

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If all goes according to plan, a quantum computer containing a record number of qubits should be in commercial use next year. Initially, provision of cloud services will be considered. In other words, Atom Computing customers will be able to perform various types of calculations without physical access to this device. Experts also lighten the mood. As they stress, before we all get excited, it will be necessary to analyze detailed data on the results achieved by this potentially revolutionary device. And it’s definitely a record-breaker, because we’re talking about a quantum computer that has nearly three times as many qubits as previous record-breaking devices.

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