The first bold scene in Polish cinema

The scene itself is only a few minutes long loop. But it aroused great emotions. Anna Senyuk, 28, plays a wife who cheats on her husband in this film. In the bed scene, her film partner is Tadeusz Borowski. He is her lover and she takes off her clothes in front of him.

This scene, which is not uncommon in movies today, stimulated the imagination of Poles so much that some people started making money from it. These were “private owners” who sold selected prints from film frames in the markets. There was no shortage of volunteers, and Anna Senyuk was soon hailed as a sex icon.

You can learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes of the recordings from the book “Anna Senyuk. I am an extraordinary woman”, which was released in 2016. Its author is Magdalena Malika Wibic, the daughter of the actress.

“I was the first Polish actress to show her breasts,” she wrote in her interview.

“It paved the way for hundreds of Polish breasts on their way to the big screen,” he adds. “She played a wife who is cheating on her husband. She is very unhappy in her relationship and only opens up to her lover. It had to be shown somehow, so the nude bust was a justified artistic device,” Anna Senyuk explains in the book. “This scene was also a huge challenge for the actress. At the time of filming, she was planning her wedding.

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