The first and only Ukrainian disco in Tricity has closed

In May 2023, the first and so far only Ukrainian disco opened in the Tricity district of Sopot. Interest in Radist Club, which replaced Gorzko Gorzko a few years later, was initially high, but after the New Year local It began phasing out its operations until it was finally decided to shut down.

Opening of the Radiist Club (a radio station In Ukrainian it means joy) in Army Krawig Street 111/112a map It sparked a lot of interest not only in the media, but also Tricity party peopleEspecially Ukrainian.

Lots to say about this New buildings Our readers did too – and not everyone agreed Conceptalthough there are many voices that say that Poles also have their own Polish shops, Bars I Restaurants Abroad, why can't other nationalities create similar enclaves in Poland. Especially since The owners of Radist' Club emphasized from the beginning that the disco would be open to everyone regardless of nationality.

In the following months, Ukrainian discotheques hosted regular weekend parties Events. There were also thematic events, including: Halloween, a Barbie party, for singles and 90s fans. In short: there was a lot going on, especially in the summer.

However, time seems to have proven the demand for the building. Maybe Ukrainians feel so good in Tricity that they don't have to go to Ukrainian clubs? Or maybe you've run out of ideas for this place? The truth is that Radiest Club has stopped working.

Opening of the Ukrainian Disco – May 2023

Currently, there is another new club there

There was a Ukrainian disco, there is a new club

However, the entertainment industry does not like a vacuum and a new disco recently opened in the same place, Joey Sobot. The decor hasn't changed significantlyYou can still see, for example, the large illuminated love inscription. The regular weekend program will include, among others: drag queen shows, karaoke, Concerts And classic discos. Entrance prices range from PLN 10 to PLN 30.

Where are the LGBTQ+ clubs in Tricity?Where are the LGBTQ+ clubs in Tricity?

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