December 9, 2022


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The expert referred to Souza's successor.  Amazing choice.  "Better than Nawaka" the Polish national team

The expert referred to Souza’s successor. Amazing choice. “Better than Nawaka” the Polish national team

Less than a year ago Paulo Sousa replacing Jerzy Brzochek On the bench coaching the Polish national team. After twelve months, the roles may change – at least that’s what Andrzej Juskowiak said in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

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Who will succeed Paulo Sousa? The candidate seems obvious. “He didn’t hide it”

A better filter than Nawaka

There is an ongoing debate over who should take command of the Polish team after hacker Paulo Sousa. The Portuguese is still listed as the selector, but he can say goodbye to this job at any moment. The 51-year-old is set to negotiate a contract with Brazil’s Flamengo, who unleashed a storm on the Vistula River.

Therefore, the exchange of conversion continued for several days, since many names have already appeared in the context of the Portuguese substitution. Mainly Polish surnames are mentioned. Adam Nowak has been nominated many times. But Andrei Guskoviak sees a different candidate.

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The football expert referred to Jerzy Brzęczek in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”. – I appreciate the input Adam Nowak In the national team success, but several years have passed since then. He hasn’t worked with any team since spring 2019. I’m not saying he’s a bad candidate, but I think Jerzy Przoczek is better – summed up Joskoviak.

Nawaka himself admitted that he would like to return to team coaching. The 64-year-old has only one condition – he wants to leave after the play-offs.

Nawałka once again spoke of returning to the Polish national team. short and precise

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Brzęczek returns to the staff?

– There is now a new boss, so he can offer him Przycek’s return without hesitation Work crew, at least for the next three months – Juskowiak notes. We are talking about the period in which Poland will play the play-offs for promotion to next year’s World Championships in Qatar.

Would such a solution be correct? According to the former Polish actor, yes. Juskowiak claims that Brzęczek fulfilled his mission while working as a selector, i.e. was promoted to Euro 2020. But during his tenure, there were many voices calling for the dismissal and appointment of a new coach. We now know that replacing Brzczek with Sous was not a very good solution. The question is whether returning to the situation a year ago would be a recipe for promotion to the next big tournament.

Russia is booming after the departure of Paulo Sousa. Russia is booming after the departure of Paulo Sousa. “mysterious case”