The end of the shameful series.  The newcomer returns to the fight for relegation

Eleven defeats in eleven away matches – this was the achievement of Łódź Sports Club at the start of its match with Warta Poznań. De facto decisions were taken at Grudzisk Stadium “To be or not to be” for the people of Lodz In more fight for survival. The loss to the first team outside the relegation zone was already 10 points, which is almost equal to what the newcomer won in 23 rounds.

And there is no point in deceiving yourself – The draw didn't change much here. A draw, which would be somewhat of a huge achievement for Marcin Matysiak's side anyway.

Two corner kicks, two great chances for Luarta. And it's still 0-0

Guests can put their hope in this Warta's performance in Grodzisk is much worse More than touring, but that's what has defined it for several years now. Thanks to this, he was never seriously threatened with relegation, and somehow always managed to jump away from the bottom of the table early enough. It's no different now, as in four Spring Tour games she scored eight points – despite not impressive play, It can be effective.

It seemed that since ŁKS was already firmly on the wall, he would try to attack and The Greens will focus on counterattacks. It doesn't matter, this time the Poznań team quickly noticed that their rivals didn't have many advantages.

Dimitris Stavropoulos and Marton Ibel after a missed position by Wartha/ Jakub Kaczmarczyk /PAP

Warta attacked from the start and applied pressure skillfully. However, they posed the greatest threat from corner kicks, converting as many as seven of them in the first half alone. And already in the initial stage You should have scored two goals Because first Dimitris Stavropoulos wasted a great opportunity, then Jakub Bartkowski. These set pieces were played brilliantly, ending with crosses over the heads of tall defenders.

The last team in the table was waiting, and Wuerta was attacking. And she still couldn't hit it

In other cases, the hosts lacked calculation, shooting or passing. However, they had a huge advantage, as the attacking formation used by Dawid Szulczyk worked well, with Dario Wezinger supporting Marton Ibel.

The people of Lodz have missed this match for a very long time. Just In the 24th minute, the first offensive breakthrough Dani Ramirez took the lead, and his rivals left him some space. Finally, he played against ŁKS's recent best player, Hussein Balić – which tested the skills of Jędrzej Grobelny, who was working towards his fourth clean sheet on the spring tour.

Marton Ibel and ŁKS goalkeeper Aleksandar Bobek/ Jakub Kaczmarczyk /PAP

However, no goals were scored in the first half, although this happened The hosts were the dominant side. Wezinger's effectiveness was particularly disappointing, and the Croatian showed no skill on the pitch. Because he could have easily won a penalty kick for the team.

Warta got a free kick, and a corner kick for ŁKS. Two great chances from free kicks and one goal

Warta had something to regret, because in the second half he often had no initiative. Not only were Łódź able to counter-attack, they were also able to keep the ball longer and longer in positional attacks. This did not translate into specific situations, but the hosts also looked worse. With one exception, set-pieces were still their advantage. In the 52nd minute they had their best chance to that pointThis time after a free kick taken by Wezinger. Jakub Bartkowski headed home from close range, and Bobek did well Great reactionsHe managed to kick the ball.

However, after a quarter of an hour, ŁKS were still keeping a clean sheet at the back and were attacking with increasing boldness. To everyone's surprise, he was the one who used the free kick. The last quarter of the match began when Reda Durmisi sent a cross from the corner of the field to the far post, and Piotr Janczukovich was standing there completely unmarked. He defeated Grobelny with a direct shot.

Waratah found themselves in a difficult situation, as they were supposed to move to the middle of the table, away from the relegation zone, and at the same time they were losing to the last team in the table. I attacked and Szulczek made three changes. Very quickly, Ipel brought Bobek on again – with the young ŁKS goalkeeper making another excellent tackle.

ŁKS also had a chance, after Antoni Moynarchek's intervention, but Warta missed a better chance in the 87th minute. Today the ball was searching for its defenders in the penalty areaBut Stavropoulos failed again, and this time he did not shoot the ball well, or at all, from four meters away.

Michal Mokrzycki/ Jakub Kaczmarczyk /PAP

ŁKS maintained the lead, although the Warta goalkeeper did not leave his penalty area at the end. The joy of the three points was delayed by several seconds because of the referee Marcin Kochanek was still listening to the news from VAR Tomas KwiatkowskiIf the ball accidentally hits the hand of a ŁKS player. But it finally became a reality.

Real Madrid – Celta Vigo 4-0. abbreviation. Video (Eleven Sports)/Eleven sports/Eleven sports

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