slag.  Brothers from Australia, more than two decades later, repeated the feat of the Swedes

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Tomasz Janisewski

During the Polish Grand Prix on Saturday, Jack Holder was one step away from winning the entire championship, but second place still marked his great success. Thanks to this, together with his brother Chris, they became the second brother in the history of the series to stand on the podium.

Exactly four fraternal duos competed with full rights to the Grand Prix series. The joint rivalry saw Peter and Mikael Carlson, Lucas and Alice Dreaml. Piotr and Przemysław Pawlicki, as well as Chris and Jack Holder, missed each other a bit. Two of these family pairs have finished on the solo podium.

So far, it was the Swedes from whom Peter tasted a place on the “box” twice in the 1996 and 1998 editions, while Mikael, who eventually took the name Max, did it five times in 2001-2002. On Saturday, after more than two decades, their work was repeated by the brothers from Australia. And this is due to the second place in PGE Narodowy for the youngest of them.

As is known, Chris Holder is not currently competing in Grand Prix racing, but since last season Jack Holder has been competing with full rights among the best in the world. The Warsaw racer, who is nine years younger than his brother, made his debut in the final race and was close to standing on top of the podium. On the first attempt, he led unchallenged from the start, but Jason Doyle fell behind him and the race was stopped.

On the replay, Holder watched Fredrik Lindgren’s back, but he had a tough fight with Bartosz Zmarzlik. The Australian and the Pole raced to the finish line And in order to decide who finished second and who finished third, they had to decide on in-depth analyzes to replay the most important race of the evening during the Warsaw event.

Of course, the 27-year-old still has a lot to do with Chris’ accomplishments. First of all, the oldest title holder became the individual world champion in 2012, and for nine seasons of riding on the course (2010-2018) he stood on the podium 19 times, of which he won individual competitions 5 times.

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