The end of a hundred year tradition.  You can't buy newspapers from Ruch kiosks anymore

Information about the distributor's decision was distributed by the press room and publishers. This was confirmed by its president Marek Frackojak – writes in the portal.

The company will continue to distribute newspapers and settle accounts with publishers under current rules until the end of April 2024. Effective May 1, 2024, Ruch will only settle existing deliveries to press point of sale and settlements with publishers, in accordance with applicable contracts. Ruch's own outlets will remain an organized network, which will be supplied with newspapers through an in-market distributor, just like the outlets owned by the Orlen and Orlen gas stations. The tender procedures have already begun and are being conducted by Orlen.

Chairman of RUCH: Acquisition of the company by the end of the year

The origins of RUCH go back to 1918, when – on December 17, 1918 – Jan Stanisław Gepthner and Jakub Mortković signed a notarial deed establishing Polskie Towarzystwo Księgarnia Kolejowych RUCH Sp. z oo Their company was based on the then modern form of “trafik” – station kiosks offering newspapers, tobacco and other small items. The first kiosk was opened in January 1919 on the platform of the Main (Vienna) railway station in Warsaw. In less than half a year, more than 60 kiosks and bookshops were already operational.

In 1935, RUCH became the only nationwide distributor and had 700 points of sale: kiosks, kiosks and stores.

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