May 30, 2023


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Ukraine. Media: Russian preacher Dmitry Rogozin was injured in a precision attack in Donetsk

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s former deputy prime minister and close aide to President Vladimir Putin, has been injured in bombing in occupied Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. As the politician himself admitted, the bullet fragment missed his spine by an inch, Ukrainian online newspaper Pravda reported on Wednesday evening.

According to various sources, Dmitry Rogozin was in a restaurant or hotel in Donetsk, where he celebrated his birthday. As a result of the “accurate fire” allegedly carried out by Ukrainian forces, Putin’s advisor was hit in the head, back, buttocks and thigh. Ukraine’s Pravda reported via Russian media and Telegram channels that his life was not in danger.

Dmitry Rogozin took pictures in NATO equipment >>>

As the politician himself admitted, the bullet fragment missed his spine by an inch.

Dmitry Rogozin and Vladimir Putin [wrzesień 2021]Door / Sputnik

Vitaly Khotsenko, the “prime minister” of the Moscow-controlled self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, was reportedly wounded in the same attack. Two people are killed, including Chocenka’s bodyguard.

Dmitry Rogozin

Rogozin is a confidant of President Putin, known for his anti-Western statements, including threats United States of America and NATO.

In 2018-22, he was the director of affairs for Roskosmos. Previously, he was, among others, deputy speaker of the State Duma (lower house of parliament) Russia) and Russia’s permanent representative to NATO and Deputy Prime Minister.

Main image source: Door / Sputnik

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