The Earth's “green lungs” are in danger.  Scientists talk about the collapse of the system

Climate change and human activity could defeat even the greenest places on Earth. The latest study by scientists from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil shows this The Amazon rainforest may reach a tipping point by 2050. The result of this will be a regional collapse of the ecosystem The negative impact on forest systems around the world.

Climate change is hitting the Amazon. Scientists alert

Analysis of existing data on the “green lungs of the Earth” indicates that local human activity and Global climate changes It will have a significant impact on the crossing of the Amazon River “safe border.” The research results also indicated the necessity of doing so Therapeutic procedures To restore and improve degraded areas Environmental resistance natural.

– By 2050 it will happen Fast acceleration in forest degradation. We must respond now. When we cross the turning pointWe will lose control over the behavior of the ecosystem – said Bernardo Flores of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, quoted by The Guardian, noting that the forest It becomes weaker and weaker And more homogeneous.

Amazonia. Rainforest degradation

Scientists also point out that the Amazon region was as well Resistant to natural climate changes For 65 million years, but deforestation is man-made Climate crisis It may cause widespread forest system collapse inland The next three decades.

It was estimated that by 2050 From 10 percent up to 47 percent The Amazon forests will be exposed to increasing external pressures, causing the unexpected to occur Changes throughout the ecosystem It has a negative impact on Regional changes climate.

Source: “The Guardian”

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