The Danes have a new king after the sudden abdication of Queen Margrethe II

A page in Denmark's history on Sunday marked the inauguration of Frederick

“We traveled 3.5 hours by train to get here,” Michael Moss, 65, told AFP. “It's a historic moment because she's not dead, she's not dead!” He is encouraging.

After 1:30 p.m. (12:30 GMT), the much-celebrated Margrethe II, 83, will travel from Amalienborg Palace to Christiansborg Castle in a carriage for the Council of State, where she will sign her Act of Abdication. 900 years, the end of more than half a century of rule in the Scandinavian kingdom.

He will then leave the council, which will include the government, the new king, his wife and their eldest son Christian, the new crown prince, who will be relieved of his duties as king and head of state.

Frederick X would later be introduced to his people by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on the balcony of Christiansborg.


“This balcony is just for that, the proclamation of the king by the prime minister,” historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen told AFP. “Last time, in 1972, there were more than 10,000 people in the square and this time we expect more” in a kingdom of nearly 6 million people.

According to police, it is impossible to estimate exactly how many visitors will gather in hopes of seeing the royal family, but hotels have been hit and it will be almost impossible to reach Copenhagen by public transport this weekend.

“Many, many will participate,” said Copenhagen police officer Peter Dahl, adding that police officers will come from all over the country as reinforcements. “For me, there will be more than 100,000 people.”

The ethos of the day broadly reflects Denmark's heritage. No foreign dignitary is invited, and the uncrowned sovereign never actually ascends the throne.

The Danes have a new king after the sudden abdication of Queen Margrethe II



52 years ago, on January 14, 1972, Margrethe II became queen upon the death of her father, Frederick IX, and abdicated on the exact anniversary of her accession.

“So this day is very symbolic,” underlines public television's royal correspondent Cicely Nielsen, according to which Queen Margrethe restricted her exit.

If it came as a surprise that he announced his retirement during his traditional televised address on December 31 – his own family had been informed only three days earlier – it was quickly accepted. The Queen underwent major back surgery in 2023.

More than 80% would support his decision and the sovereign would keep his title and be able to represent the royal house at official ceremonies.

Not attaching himself to the throne “until it falls” will allow his eldest son, 55, to thrive in his role as king for the past few years. say

“She thinks the crown prince is very ready to take over. “She probably wants to avoid a situation like when Prince Charles became King in Great Britain at the age of 70,” said Mr. Hovbakke Sorensen notes.

The Danes have a new king after the sudden abdication of Queen Margrethe II


Frederik, crown prince since the age of three, benefits from his own popularity and imposes his style on the Danish monarchy, which dates back to the Viking kings of the 10th century.

“Queen Margrethe II was a woman of her time and Frederick also lived in his time. She understood that she could not copy it, and she was able to create her own image, create her own connection with the Danes,” assures historian Bo Lidegaard.

“We will have a different kind of king […] “The way he talks to people when he travels around the country is very informal,” says his colleague Lars Hovbakke Sørensen.

In Denmark, the role of the king, head of state, is mainly representative and ceremonial. However, he signs laws and formally presides over the constitution of the government, which he meets at regular intervals.

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