Maxim Martin retires from radio to focus on another project

Comedian and presenter, Max Martin He announced to his fans on Saturday morning that he was retiring from radio. In fact, he wanted to reassure them that he was not behind the microphoneEnergy. Honestly, the comedian is no more When issuing the return It goes to the postAlso hosted Mary-Claude Schwartz And Sebastien Trudeau.

The comedian and presenter is behind the famous podcast microphone on his Facebook page Max and Livia PodcastPreceded by rumors Reasons why he left Adding a touch of humor to be true to oneself.

Happy Saturday everyone! Many of you ask me about the last time I was not on the energy microphone, the reason is simple, I have been thinking about retiring from radio for a long time. In addition, I have a career opportunity and I can not say I do not have it. Don’t worry it’s not a hard time mentally, otherwise you know I’m an open book! Haha! Until then, I will try not to disappoint you too much with my travel photos. Anyway, no stress, let’s talk here as soon as possible “, He started on his social networks.

We do not know what this new project will be, but one thing is for sure, we can not wait to find out more as Maxim Martin is one of the most popular comedians in Quebec and has great talent.

Remember that for Maxim Martin Recently opened to hold Saskia Duat During an interview To the press 7 days. In fact, he expressed optimism About his new love.

Well, well, even though I want to save a part of my personal life, it is true that I am in love. She is called Annabelle […] As soon as we met, I knew. Everything was natural. We even kissed on our first date “, He told Saskia.

I always feel in the right place with her. It allows me to focus again and always brings me back to earth. My family and friends love it. I feel so lucky to have had her in my life. She is a wonderful woman, pushing me to be better without ever forgetting where I came from “, He added.

It was during a Facebook post wishing his fans a Happy New Year that Maxim Martin officially announced that he is in love!

Happy New Year to all !!!. We’re done, we’re cheesy and wow, take it whole! It’s time of year when we list what we understand from 2021 and what we want to change in 2022. In fact, looking at your list from last year is the best motivator. Whether or not it is on your X. See this as a measure of your evolution, without judgment. What is so magical about this career path is that when you hold your hands firmly on the steering wheel and think you are lost, let go and lead a little bit of life. In general, she knows the way better than you […] “, He began.

We wish the comedian a lot of fun. Both professionally and personally.

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