The club president was running away from the police.  He's used to the roof, he had 2.5 per mile of alcohol.. football

The accident occurred around 1 am from Sunday to Monday in Dobieszyn in Krosno poviat – said the portal Artur C., President of one of the countries of the Subcarpathian region football clubs Occur in league Live, lost control of the vehicle, sped off the road, and flipped over. Everything was reported to the police, but the driver fled the scene.

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The drunken club president in Podkarbasi was running from the police

Upon their arrival, the policemen began to patrol the area. Then they ran into a 46-year-old man who tried to escape after seeing them. It was, of course, Arthur C. – After a short chase, he was arrested. Sobriety test showed more than 2.5 per mile alcohol in his body. in Results After the event, a 46-year-old native of Krosno did not suffer serious injuries and ended up in police custody, the Krosno Municipal Police Headquarters wrote on its website.

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The club president now faces a hefty fine, a driving ban, and up to two years in prison. The police and the prosecution are investigating all the circumstances of the accident.

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