The chip shortage has hit all smartphone makers except Apple.  The company benefits from its positionAnalysts from Wave7 Research who deal with the situation in the US smartphone market say that the problem of a shortage of chips used in mobile devices has affected almost all manufacturers, including Samsung and OnePlus. However, it is interesting that Apple saved itself from trouble. The company has “booked” supplies for its devices in advance, so the availability of Apple iPhone 12 series smartphones is not a challenge. In addition, the Cupertino company can use its strong negotiating position. However, the current situation does not harm the flagship, but the devices of the lower and lower price range. Supply chain bottlenecks are a real problem that could get worse.

Apple has proven to be immune to chip shortages. Selling iPhone smartphones is not at risk. The situation is different for mid-range and budget Android devices. The part is struggling.

The chip shortage has hit all smartphone makers except Apple.  The company benefits from its position [1]

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G vs Apple iPhone 12 – Comparison of the flagship smartphones of the biggest competitors

In order to fully understand the situation, it is appropriate to describe, albeit briefly, the way Wave7 Research obtains data, on the basis of which it creates a picture of the current situation. The company relies on information from the major operators and from the largest companies that sell devices. Data from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, among others, shows that the shortage of Apple iPhone smartphones is almost non-existent, while the availability of Samsung devices, especially the Galaxy A series, has been a major problem. This is directly related to the problems in the mobile chip market. Earlier, Xiaomi also reported other possible problems related to the availability of chips for smartphones.

The chip shortage has hit all smartphone makers except Apple.  The company benefits from its position [2]

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In March of this year, Qualcomm indicated that there are obstacles to producing enough Snapdragon chips for cheaper and mid-range smartphones. According to the report of analysts Wave7 Research, Samsung and OnePlus are the most affected, or at least this is indicated by the information obtained. Apple, despite the widely understood shortage, expects further increases in sales. Well, with a strong negotiating position in place to ensure a relatively satisfactory level of chip supply, you can feel comfortable.

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