Warsaw.  “Stop starving science.”  Protest by teachers and students

A group of young scholars protested on Wednesday in the Ministry of Finance building. Their main demand is to increase financial resources for science. – We have been spending less on education in proportion to our wealth since 2001 – protesters warn.

As TVN24 correspondent Mateusz Paul Chopik reported, today the protest of the scientific community began at the Ministry of Finance building. – The reporter reported that many young scientists from different parts of the country gathered at the Ministry of Finance building to protest the level of science funding in Poland.

“We want the minister to see us.”

The demonstrators sat on the ground in the ministry building. They brought with them banners with the slogans: “Stop Starving Science”, “SOS for Science”, “Salaries in science force people to be childless”.

– As a country, like all citizens, we have been spending the least on education in proportion to our wealth since 2001. Two times less relative to GDP than the EU average. “We have no prospects for development or catching up, let alone overtaking other countries,” a physics doctor, protesting at the ministry building, said in a conversation with a reporter.

Young scholars protest at the Ministry of FinanceTVN24

– Over the past decade, Polish companies have been spending more on research and development. He added that public spending did not change, but rather fluctuated and decreased.

What are the expectations of the protesters? – We want the minister to see us. We care about Poles and Polish women. We want life to be good in Poland, which is why education is a necessary step. It’s not because we live in our ivory tower and look down on everyone. “We want to support our economy and culture,” answered one protester in the Ministry of Finance building.

– The minister must hear that we are starving, and that competition is killing us. We see our colleague, our colleague from the department, from the university, as the enemy, because we compete for less and less money. He stressed that this is devastating.

Main image source: TVN24

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