After six months, we will be independent of Russian gas

During the conference, Morawiecki also referred to the issue of security, i.e. border protection and resource independence. “Austria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland saw the need to defend our external borders in the same way. And we were right – the borders should be protected. It should depend on us who we accept and who we don’t. The Prime Minister emphasized this position even today.” “Today we must also realize that a new geopolitical order is being formed in the world outside our eastern borders, in Ukraine,” he added.

“In the past five years, we have built the Baltic gas pipeline to Norway, and within six months we will be independent for the first time in decades from Russian gas,” Morawiecki noted. “The consistent actions of our government have led to such a possibility,” the prime minister added. “We want peaceful and democratic cooperation with Russia, but we cannot agree that Ukraine’s sovereignty will be destroyed in such a cruel way,” he said.

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