The camera recorded part of a conversation between Truss and Charles III.  The King on the death of Elizabeth II: I was afraid of the moment |  world News

Meeting of the Prime Minister of Great Britain Les Truss And King Charles III came on Friday afternoon, shortly before the new king delivered his first message to the nation.

Previously, Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, shook hands for more than 10 minutes in front of Buckingham Palace in London.

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A short video clip from the beginning of the President’s meeting has been released to the media Government And the king. Charles III admitted in an interview with Liz Truss that the death of Elizabeth II was “a moment that many dread and dread as well”.

– It was very touching this era when we arrived, everyone who came to express their condolences… and flowers Charles III said when Liz Truss expressed her condolences to the King.

The media reports that the meeting was too short. Charles III said it “must not take too much time” for the prime minister, who has only been in office since Tuesday. Then she received a mission from Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government.

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What kind of king would be Charles III?

Elizabeth II died. Charles III, the new king of Great Britain

Friday at 19 times polishing Charles III delivered his first letter.

I speak to you today with a feeling of deep sadness. Throughout her life, Her Majesty, my beloved mother, has been to me and all of my family inspiration – inspiration As an example, we owe her the largest debt any family can take to her mother; The king said of her love, tenderness, guidance, understanding and example.

Charles III: I will try to serve you with sincerity, respect and love

“As the Queen herself has done with such unwavering devotion, I now solemnly swear, for the rest of the time God grants me, to abide by the constitutional principles in the heart of our nation. And wherever you are: in Great Britain, in kingdoms and territories around the world, no matter your background or beliefs, I will try to serve you with sincerity, respect and love, as I have done all my life – I declare.


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