The body of a 38-year-old woman inside the apartment.  A chemical group also intervened at the site

This concerns the suspicion of the presence of a very dangerous substance.

The website reports on the incident that occurred on Wednesday evening in Pniewy. The body of a woman was also found in one of the apartments. Since it was suspected that there might be a highly toxic substance in the building, a chemical rescue group from Poznań was called.

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“Her sister found the woman where she lived. She came to check if she was okay because the 38-year-old man wasn't answering the phone. Unfortunately, the woman turned out to be dead.” – she said in an interview with the local portal. Sandra Choda, press officer of the district police headquarters in Zamutuli.

As TVP3 Poznań journalists unofficially decided, it was possible tornado B. Up to 10 fire brigades intervened on the site. The officers entered the apartment in special suits. It was also noted that the case is being investigated by the Public Prosecution. The case is not clear, and it is not yet known whether it was an accident or a crime. An autopsy was ordered.

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Added: 14 March 2024 19:00

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