You have to dig tunnels to get out of the house.  Blizzard in the south.  There hasn’t been such a snowfall for years

In the forecast for snowfall in Europe, we warned of a snow storm that will hit Turkey as a result of the influence of the sea with cold air flowing through the Black Sea. Information received, incl. About the paralyzed airport in Istanbul, and the interior to the east snow storms It was so powerful that villages located in the mountainous regions were completely buried. There is a lot of snow in places where people literally have to go digging tunnelsto get out of the house. This is how it is in Turkish Mus . Province.

Effects of a giant snow storm in Turkey. You have to dig a tunnel to get out of the house. March 2022

“I have not seen such snowfall in 30 years. The entire village was swept away by a snowstorm,” Ahls Sabri Yondim, 79, a resident of Yukaryungali told the news agency. The village has a population of about 700 and is located at an altitude of about 1,800 meters above the surface level. He added, “I start my day by removing ice and opening tunnels to reach the stables and feed the animals.”

Effects of a snow storm in eastern Turkey

In the middle of March, residents of Turkey usually wait for the arrival of spring, while strong snowstorms have paralyzed the lives of many small towns, especially in the east of the country.

Strong snowstorms in Turkey. You have to dig yourself out of the house. March 2022

Snowstorms in Turkey, March 2022, Buried Villages, Tunnel Needs Digging, Photos

Yukarıyongalı is one of the 325 villages in the county whose roads are blocked by snow. In addition to Moss, four other eastern counties and one northern county have canceled classes due to heavy snowfall.

Report from a snow-covered village in eastern Turkey

In addition, the Turkish Meteorological Authority warns of avalanches, frost and strong winds.

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