Zelenskiy in a joint interview.  My wife didn't like one of the answers

Zelensky said in an interview that his top priority is maintaining U.S. cross-party support for Ukraine After the November elections to the US Congress. He stressed that when Washington supports us financially, Europe also joins in this support.

confirmed it He does not rule out peace negotiations And Ukraine is “ready to talk to Russia – but to another Russia, a country really ready for peace, ready to recognize itself as an occupier.” In the list of conditions for the talks, he said: “They must return everything: land, rights, freedom, money, and most of all justice. So far I have not heard such statements from the Russian Federation – neither from Putin nor from anyone else.”

CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour asked the Zelensky family at one point how they supported each other at such a difficult time. – this is my love. This is my best friend. The President of Ukraine said of the first lady: This is my energy.

He pointed out that before this question, his wife told us how she prepared breakfast and clothes for the children in the morning. – I wanted to say that I have no such possibility, no one brings me breakfast. He added, “I mean, we are in a difficult period.”

Zelensky’s statement was met with an angry and surprised look at his wife.

Then the president quickly improved and added that all this was because they had been living separately since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

On social media, Olena Zelenska’s looks have already turned into memes and prank comments. “Never has our president been in such a dangerous situation and so close to defeat as he is now” – this is one of them.

Source: Kanał 24, PAP

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