The birth of Equalizer 3. Denzel Washington has announced that work on the set will begin later this year

If you have been waiting for the upcoming movie with the great and immortal Denzel Washington, there are many indications that at some point you will be able to go to the cinemas.

No Mercy is a relatively new series in which Denzel Washington plays a major role. Films can be safely classified as thriller cinema, because they meet literally all the requirements of this genre. We have a lot of movement, and at the same time a lot of chases and shots. The first edition appeared in 2014, the second – which, according to many people, turned out to be better – after four years.

And while the next four years of waiting certainly won’t bring us a third part, the creators couldn’t leave us empty-handed. It seems that we will have to wait a little longer, but it is definitely worth it, because “Equalizer 3” has already been created. This was confirmed by the main actor Denzel Washington himself in a recent interview, Submitted by him a few days ago:

Equalizer 3 is already written, so I have to adapt it! I should get my strength back and start hitting people again. I will hit people again!

It is true, of course, that much can still change. At the moment, we have information about the end of work on the script and plans to enter the group. However, at the time of a pandemic, it will be by far the most critical point in operations. However, if all goes well… Perhaps the production will be shown in cinemas by 2023.

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