CPK – construction will start next year, the financial data already includes 243 million PLN of “accumulated losses”

According to the industry portal pasazer.comthe company’s published financial statements for the year 2021 show that operating expenses amounted to PLN 89 million.

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Central communications port. There is a financial report

According to the portal, the company incurred losses in the amount of PLN 81 million due to the devaluation of treasury bonds, as a result of changes in interest rates. The bonds, valued at 2.2 billion PLN, lost about 4 percent in the year.

“Since 2018, the company has already lost PLN 243 million,” says pasazer.com.

The company’s financial statements show that 65 percent. The company’s operating costs a wage and insurance premiums (59 million PLN). The gate reports it’s about 50 percent. more than last year. At the same time, employment increased by 236 people. At the end of 2021, 490 people were working in the company’s office in Warsaw. The average gross salary amounted to 13.2 thousand PLN. zloty. The board of directors itself received more than 2 million PLN, while the supervisory board received 145 thousand PLN. zloty.

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19 percent (17.2 million PLN) of costs are external services, such as business consulting, public relations or office rental.

The Central Communications Port is set to be a new transport system that combines air, rail and road transport. The main point will be Solidarno Airport, which is connected by rail to the largest cities in Poland. By 2040, CPK will provide approx. 300 A thousand new jobs. the total cost The project was estimated at 34.9 billion PLN.

Marcin Horaga: Construction will start next year

At the beginning of June, Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and State Commissioner of CPK, announced that the first construction work related to the Central Communications Port would begin next year. The largest airport in Poland is scheduled to open in 2027.

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Hora told TVN Info that several preparatory phases for this investment have already been completed, including the entire project the new Connecting Poland’s transport system to the new airport. An environmental inventory for the entire investment area has also been completed.

– An ongoing economic, technical and environmental study for 1300 kilometers. We will literally finish this business of the Warsaw Warsaw Department at any moment. The airport master plan is also nearing completion, and we will be submitting an application for an environmental decision this summer. He explained that we are finalizing talks with the Finance Consortium and there will also be equity investors.

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