Enola Holmes 2 – Movie Review

Enola Holmes 2 It retains all the advantages of the first part. It gives us entertainment on a somewhat similar level and at the same time develops the presented world and the relationships of the characters. Sherlock-Enola fans should be pleased. between Henry Cavill And the Millie Bobby Brown There’s the right chemistry – when they’re on screen together, everything takes on a personality. Then it gets more interesting, fun, and only better. This indicates great potential for the future. Enola should be a complete hero, so Sherlock is just an addition here. However, my impression is that the entertainment value of the film will increase if we show the duo more often. Contrary to appearances, this relationship gained a lot without Mycroft. You can focus more on the negative effects of Holmes’ upbringing and how both need to mature and come to certain conclusions. In the end, it’s great to watch them together.

The sequel’s story is simple but well written and thought out. It combines fiction and historical facts related to a particular character for an engaging mix. The feminist thread of the investigation into the disappearance of a woman working in a matchstick factory can also be heard normally. In many ways, it looks better than it did in the first part. There is no feeling that anything in this aspect is coercive. The heroine’s achievement is good, and connecting it to the Sherlock case is an added advantage. The problem is that at some point it becomes quite predictable. We know exactly what will happen. In theory, this is not a big deal, because the movie is entertaining, but you get the impression that the creators have no idea how to do it, until the final reveal of the villain surprises us. This is the most heinous sin that can be committed in a criminal area.

Millie Bobby Brown feels much better as Enola. You can see it in every aspect of the movie. Prove that she has found the identity of her heroine. The girl has a character and sense of humor. She is more sympathetic. She even convinces in action scenes. It is worth noting that the character is so expressive and interesting that he tells the story himself. Henry Cavill acts as a detective – his character is also developing – and perfectly complements the girl’s story.

Continuation of the blow Enola Holmes It has surprisingly few action scenes. In the first part, I felt a bit more adventurous. The sequel actually has a bigger action scene with chassis chasing that ends with a fight. It relies more on crime plot and investigation. Is this a defect? For some, yes, for others, no – it depends on what you liked about the first part. A lack of adventure certainly does not mean boredom. It’s just that the focus of the investigation is arranged differently. Sequel isn’t a fancy movie, but it’s a lot more heartwarming when it comes to production. You can also see that the first part was usually created with the intention of displaying it on the big screen.

In fact, the biggest flaw is the romantic plot between Enola and Lord Tewkesbury. Of course, we know that this is the result of the events in the first part. It’s not lacking in charm or humorous scenes, but unfortunately the whole is treated very succinctly. So when this thread reaches a certain peak, it becomes unreliable. It is a pity, because the potential in it is much greater.

Enola Holmes 2 nice movie. I would say it is a solid sequel, providing a level of experience and entertainment similar to the first part. It’s light, cute, and fun sometimes. In addition, the creators do not insistently suggest the third part. However, I have the impression that the full potential of this story has not been used.

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