The Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition achieves amazing prices

Baldur’s Gate 3 is awesome. The prices for the collector’s edition of the game are also the same, with a copy several thousand zlotys higher than what you paid before the premiere. Any lucky guy here?

Baldur’s Gate 3, the legendary series’ long-awaited return after more than 23 years, is legendary in its own right: rave reviews, genius marketing, quick fixes and hotfixes. All this impresses the industry and the players.

The latter has another reason for joy. More precisely, those who believed in the success of this game or are big fans of the brand.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition is valued at approximately 8,000 PLN

According to the information provided on the site my cityBaldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition was available from 2022 to July this year. So the players had a lot of time to think about buying it. This special edition includes both physical and digital items – a real treat for the biggest fans of the series.

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price? Of course, 259 euros, which translates to approximately 1300 zlotys according to the official website of the game developers, namely Larian Studios. But that’s in the past. Like when Bitcoin cost a few pennies and cheap iPhones were available. Now prices are only going up.

Prices for the Collector’s Edition on eBay have skyrocketed and are still there. Do you think enterprising gamers sell versions at cost? Nope, none of those things. Prices are going up, especially in the US. 3 or 5 thousand zlotys? shining:

Some fans go further: someone decided to pay PLN 5,800. But it’s not over yet, because someone has spent as much as $1,975, which translates to 8,149 PLN, for the collector’s edition of the game, which could previously be purchased for 1,300 PLN. Without a doubt, we are dealing here with businessmen of the year:

Sellers disassemble groups – and earn more

Do you happen to take certain cars apart and sell them individually instead of offering them as a whole? Sometimes such a strategy is more profitable (and much more!) Than selling one product as a whole.

The same thing happens here, as retailers decided to split the Collector’s Edition into individual pieces and started selling them separately.

a result? a surprise. Here someone gave $443, which translates to 1820 zlotys, per cube. digital cube:

I didn’t think some numbers (and letters) could be so valuable. But what if there is a demand? Why not sell the in-game digital dice at full Collector’s Edition price?

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