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We have been battling with the influenza virus for a long time, but today there is a chance of a potential universal vaccine that will stop the virus once and for all. Even numerous mutations can not cope with it – this is shown by the report of the prestigious “Nature” magazine. It is meant to be a preparation that avoids annual vaccinations. how is that possible?

An undetected “patch” of the virus…

The scientists who discovered the hack Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute at the University of Chicago. they failed Description of the antibody class, targeting the hitherto neglected part of the virusHis name is in the beginning “Anchors”. These antibodies have the ability to Recognizes a wide range of influenza strainsEven when the virus mutates rapidly.

It has always been exciting to discover yourself The new vulnerability of the virusBecause it paves the way More efficient vaccine design. It also shows that despite all the years of effort in influenza vaccine research, there are still new things to be discovered.
– Explanation of the co-author of the publication a. Andrew Ward

Scientists for several years Try to make universal vaccines. Thanks to them, the body will produce Antibodies against the least changed region of HA, no tail part. so far, Vaccines had to be modified from year to year to match the mutations of the virus. Currently, scientists have managed to develop a universal preparation, which is at the stage of clinical trials.

By identifying susceptibility sites for common antibodies in a large number of influenza variants, We can design fewer vaccines based on viral mutations. It goes against the “anchor” that we describe in our work, and is associated with such a place
– Adds co-author Patrick Wilson

The human body is a source of scientific inspiration…

Importantly, the antibodies discovered by scientists also appear to be very familiar among humans. When each of us is able to produce it. This is a very valuable component that will help design an effective vaccine.

The human immune system is already able to produce an antibody against this region of the HA biomassTherefore, it is sufficient to use modern methods in biofuel engineering to create a vaccine that stimulates its production at a sufficient level.
American scientists report

rdo: PAP, Nature

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