The Americans attack the Houthis again.  Yemen's capital is also in the line of fire

On Saturday morning, Polish time, the reality of the new attacks on Platform X was confirmed by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), according to which the target was a Houthi radar station.

A US Central Command statement said that the attacks were carried out with Tomahawk missiles launched from the US destroyer USS Carney and “were aimed at weakening the Houthis' ability to attack ships, including commercial ships.”

Many American media outlets previously reported, citing anonymous sources, that new attacks had occurred on the northern regions of Yemen.

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Houthi attacks on commercial ships

The Iran-backed Houthis, who control most of Yemen, including the capital, Sanaa, attack commercial ships passing through the Red Sea as an “expression of solidarity” with the Palestinian Hamas movement, which is fighting Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Observers point out that this heralds the spread of the war in Gaza to the entire Middle East region, and perhaps beyond it.

US President Joe Biden threatened the Houthis with more intense attacks if they did not stop disrupting shipping through the Red Sea, one of the busiest and most strategically important shipping lanes.

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