James Webb Space Telescope - An astronomer tells us how to send it into space

The James Webb Space Telescope is a multi-year project involving many people. NASA recently completed a . program The last tests on the ground. Currently, the device is being prepared for launch into space, which is scheduled for December of this year.

Astronomer Marcia Rickey of the University of Arizona talks about how to launch a massive device into space. Great James Webb Space Telescope A mirror with a diameter of more than 6 meters. It will be folded during take off. The same goes for the sun canopy, which is the size of a tennis court. its dimensions 17.2 and 21.2 AD.

NASA is currently planning to launch the James Webb Space Telescope on December 18. It will be launched into space aboard an Ariane 5 rocket provided by the European Space Agency from a spaceport in French Guiana. After reaching the target orbit, its elements will degrade.

The James Webb Space Telescope will reveal the unexplored secrets of the universe. It will enable, among other things, for a better understanding of the exoplanets, that is, the planets outside the solar system.

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