Russia: A third of Russians believe that the sun revolves around the Earth

VCIOM – All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research A government research organization that conducts research in sociology and marketing has asked Russian citizens about many scientific issues.

1,600 Russians aged 18 and over participated in the study. The statistical error – according to the survey – does not exceed 2.5%.

The published data shows that 35% of Russians believe that the sun revolves around the Earth. 61 percent realize the opposite is true. Interestingly, the trend is up. In 2007, there were 28 percent of the proponents of the geocentric theory.

It takes 365 days for the Earth to completely revolve around the sun. However, 12 percent. of respondents believe that it takes only a month for our planet to complete a full rotation. 69 percent gave the correct answer, and 19 percent gave the answer. There was no way to answer the question.

The Russians were much better at dealing with radiation issues. 85 percent know that irradiated milk will not be safe when boiled. 7 percent will decide to take the risk.

21 percent of Russians believe that the first human on earth lived with dinosaurs. How it really was, 66 percent know. Study participants. 44 percent of respondents agreed that genetically modified foods cause cancer. The opposite opinion is shared by 35 percent and 21 percent. You couldn’t answer.

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