January 29, 2023


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The accused said she had no weapons

A fourth police infiltration mission to detain a couple accused of helping the mafia remove two bodies aims to check if they still have guns.

An undercover police officer (AI) arrived to explain to the jury on Monday, after a week-long hiatus from the interrogation of Guy Dion and Mary-Josie Viav. The pair have been charged in June 2016 with conspiracy and premeditated murder by brothers Giuseppe and Vincenzo Falto.

During Sûreté Du Québec’s “pre-installed footage”, AI became an informant, hoping to extract confessions from a 49-year-old man and his 45-year-old wife with a contract killer.

During the matches, the two wore recording equipment and the refereeing court exchanges were played one by one.

So far, the judges have heard recordings of the first three scenes, in which Vaughn is said to have acted as a “good soldier” and to have fulfilled what she was asked to do. , Dissolve, clean. “

On Monday, a fourth meeting was held on July 19, 2019 at the defendant’s workplace.

Police wanted to know more about “potential guns.”

“The aim was to recover the guns, claiming that they could be resold and to divide the money between us and her,” explained AI, who was assigned under his registration number 1203, as we could not reveal his true identity.

Not “Pebbles”, but a list

But only during an hour-long conversation did the subject of the guns touch.

“I have no children there,” said Mary-Josie Vivo, who later recorded without her knowledge. There is nothing in our house. “

“These are guns. […] It is customary not to use the word gun and it attracts the ear, ”AI 1203 told the arbitral tribunal on Monday.

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But, referring to the weapons, Vaughn noted in the post that he has a “list of what’s out there”. “I have almost 22 pages,” he added.

In an attempt to increase his credibility with the accused, the IA showed her a photograph of the gun in his hand.

“Are you naughty too?” », Then Viau replied, looking at the photo and smiling.

The trial continues Tuesday.