January 30, 2023


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Junior Morgano ended his relationship with Flor de Horace: "I can't be with someone who thinks about his ex" |  Views

Junior Morgano ended his relationship with Flor de Horace: “I can’t be with someone who thinks about his ex” | Views

Katie Portella is well known in the Peruvian show business After things softened with him, the young Venezuelan ended his relationship with Morgano Jr. During the broadcast of “El Reventonaso de la Zola”.

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The 26-year-old foreigner spoke on social media in order to find out he is no longer a couple Folk singer Because – as pointed out – he is still “sad” about parting with him ‘Gringo Carl’.

I can’t continue with a person who is still sad for the ex, which makes me unstable. As for my artwork, I will continue my projects as before and I want to keep it clean and free of corruption ”, Published in a statement.

“I am so grateful to Katie Portella for supporting me emotionally at all times, and in the same way I let her know that I am so grateful to her.” Added.

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Death threats

Junior Morgano Magali denounced receiving death threats after giving an interview with Medina., The driver kicked him out of the set after revealing that they had police complaints in it.

“I even received death threats as a result of Ms. Madinah’s ill-treatment of me on the street. On the contrary, she insulted me.; She is the culprit who made such threats to me, and if anything happens to me I will take responsibility for Makali Medina. I have parents and friends and I have to respect them. “He commented.

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