Orionodes.  Tonight is worth looking at the sky.  Shooting stars will appear on it

Orionids are a swarm of meteors that enter the Earth’s upper atmosphere at a speed of just over 60 km/s. They can be seen in the sky from October 2 and can be observed for more than a month, until November 7. Max tonight. Therefore, it is worth finding the right place to watch these meteors. Up to 25 meteors can appear in the sky hours.

Orionid meteors are associated with the famous comet Halley. As scholars write from the gate urania.edu.plRadiation of comet-related meteorites has been found in the constellation Orion, hence the name. The comet leaves its particles behind, also moving away from the Sun, creating a second meteor shower.

More information from the country and the world on the main page Gazeta.pl

Orionid Swarm will appear in the sky. Tips for followers

Scientists from the portal offer some advice for those who want to see a shooting star today. First, it is necessary to determine the height and on what side of the world the swarm radiation will be – the point from which the Orionids will apparently appear. This can be done with the help of software, an app, or a rotating sky map.

“Then it is worth trying to choose the place of observation so that the direction to the radiation does not disturb the lights of the city, a nearby road or an industrial plant. We do not necessarily observe directly in the direction of radians, but for the sake of that radiant on the side “- they advise.

Experts advise that you wear appropriate clothing at night and take it to the observation site in addition telescope Thermos with hot tea.

shooting stars. How is the weather on Friday and Saturday?

Unfortunately, Friday will be great day. As Anna Wyniak, an expert with the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, said, more rain is expected only in the eastern part of the island. In the rest of Poland weather It will usually be fall.

Overcast weather in the center and in the west with gradual rainfall. In the northwest, the total precipitation can reach 10 liters per square meter. The winds are generally weak and moderate from the south, heading towards the south only Subcarpathia Very strong gusts can occur locally, up to 80 km per hour – said Anna Wyniak.

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The maximum temperature ranges between 9 degrees Celsius in the northeast, 13 degrees Celsius in the center, and 15 degrees Celsius in the west and southwest. Anna Wuniak added that a gradual rise in temperatures is expected.

The next night with only light frost in the northeast. In most parts of the country, the minimum temperature is between five and eight degrees. It will be warmer in the west – 11 degrees there.

Where do you see a stargazing? In the gardens of the dark sky

Because of light pollution, cities and their surroundings are not suitable for observing meteors. The level of light pollution can be checked on the map below this is Tabuk.

The best experience is provided by watching a meteor in so-called dark sky reservations. It is true that in Poland, the light pollution is too high for any area to have this status – however, we have five dark-sky gardens, and you will find their location over here.

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