Terrible run on “Dancing with the Stars.”  Storm among viewers.  “Shame!”

“Dancing with the Stars” viewers quickly noticed that the singer who opened and closed the show's final episode — Tim Kamrad — likely sang from… the playback. “The person who sang did not know his words. Shame!” – Fans wrote. Internet users noticed that the lip movement did not match the music and lyrics of the song, and the singer seemed lost, in addition to forgetting the lyrics of the song and sometimes did not move his lips. This was only the beginning of the controversy in this episode of the popular program.

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Controversial episode of 'Dancing with the Stars'

After Tim Kamrad's performance, which was met with harsh criticism from the audience, Dagmara Kamirska and Marcin Hackel hit the dance floor. Unfortunately, the “Queen of Life” was once again judged too harshly by the jury.

– Iona Pavlović commented on Kaźmierska's performance.

Konan Kamerski didn't like that, so he stormed the dance floor, took the microphone from Krzysztof Ibis, and turned to the juror.

– said the son of the “Queen of Life.”

The last thing that broke the camel's back among “Dancing with the Stars” viewers was the ruling at the end of the episode. They said goodbye to the program Aleksandar Mackiewicz and Izabela SkierskaAnd Dagmara Kamerska, who scored only 19 points. I moved.

“What kind of rule is this? It's a joke. This pair should be in the final” – viewers wrote.

Momedia/MW Media

Aleksandar Mackiewicz, Izabella Skiierska, Dagmara Kamerska, Marcin Hackel

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