strawberry moon today  Such a superpenia does not happen often

Peña The moon is the phase in which it is normal Satellites Earth versus the sun. While the sun is the most important source of synchronization of circadian rhythms, it stimulates nocturnal activity. For centuries, people believed that his transformations had a great impact on nature and man, so they lived according to the cycle. This month, the so-called strawberry moon.

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Full moon in June. What is the date of the strawberry moon?

In North America, there is a full strawberry moon the moon It got its name due to the harvesting of these deciduous fruits in June. In Europe it is sometimes called “rose”, and in other cultures, due to the onset of the summer heat, “hot”. The moon is visible in all its glory today, Tuesday, June 14. in Poland It was already visible at 13.52.

Because of the sun’s rays falling on the surface of the moon, the moon has a pink color. The satellite can be seen from Monday 13 June. It will appear again in the sky on Tuesday evening at 21.38, will be held on Wednesday, June 15 at 4.30

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Super Moon. The satellite will glow brighter

The full moon sometimes aligns with the moon’s position near the perigee in its orbit. So we’re dealing with a supermoon or a giant moon – it can be 14 percent larger and up to 30 percent brighter than it was when it was in its highest orbit.

The common definition of a supermoon is any moon that is in it Bennywhich are located at a distance of at least 90 percent. Perigee (the point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth), “explains Old Farmer’s Almanac.” The full moon of June is 357658 how much– quotes his words npr portal.

It’s worth noting that giant moons are relatively rare, occurring three to four times a year — the Tuesday moon is the second of four consecutive giant moons seen in the northern hemisphere this summer, with more appearing on July 13 and August 11.

ICEYE satellite during tests in an anechoic chamber (suppression of all electromagnetic radiation)Satellite radars controlled from an office building in Warsaw

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