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”, A hit series on Argentine television, passes its climax, so viewers They are waiting for the end with great anticipation. However, there are other plans to say goodbye to the ball channel Ranked first in multiple ratings.

After announcing the arrival “Masterchef Celebrity3″, Set the tableAll over the world“And at the end of the pastry contest, it is not yet known who will be his new leader Important time. For this reason, not wanting to close it, Telef has decided to extend the episode of Telenovela into two parts, which will air next Monday and Tuesday.

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When was the last episode of “Doctor Miracle”?

Everything refers to the series that allowed the tune sweep on Argentina TV Since there is little time above prime time, it will divide its final episode into two parts. Let’s remember the kitchen is a reality show. “Masterchef Celebrity3“And Travel Plan”All over the world”New projects entering your phase.

“Dr. Milagro” results: Where to look and schedule

Emissions “Dr. Miracle“Before 9pm”Masterchef Celebrity3″ And “Por el Mundo”, on the Telefe signal on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. So far, the channel has only advertised the premieres of its new shows through its Twitter account and did not mention the final episode of Ali Wafa’s story.

How to watch “Dr. Milacro” online in Spanish?

The successful series premiered on Telefe Signal on April 12, 2021 in Argentina. Since coming to this country, it has become one of the most important shows on the iconic screen. Likewise, the TV station uploads its entire episodes ; However, they will only be available until a certain date, after which they will be withdrawn.

What is the series “Dr. Milagro” about?

Ali Wafa With a young man Autism Spectrum Disorder And there is Sawant Syndrome called Sage Syndrome. He has difficulty communicating with people due to his health condition and his biggest dream is to become a surgeon. The protagonist has a godfather, who is the chief physician Anga Private Hospital She also wants to hire him as an assistant doctor in the surgery department of the center.

But in his column he had to face great opposition from his own colleagues. However, if he makes a mistake, he succeeds in hiring him after passing a six-month exam with the condition that he resign his post immediately. Already in the hospital he is developing his career and finds best friends and the love of a woman.

How many episodes does “Dr. Milagro” have?

Turkish production “Dr. Miracle”There are two seasons and a total of 64 episodes in 130 minutes: the first season has 28 episodes and the second season, 36. It was first screened on September 12, 2019 and aired successfully on May 27, 2021. Turkey.

Will “Doctor Milagro” come to season 3?

The Turkish series has become a global event reaping success in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Greece, Uzbekistan, Albania, Hungary, Tunisia and Peru. Nevertheless, he will be the only one left Of the seasons. Statement published in the official profile “Dr. Miracle”, Fox announced that it was time to say goodbye to the character of Ali Wafa, played by Tanner Olmes, from Turkey.

We have come to the conclusion of our story that people with autism have the right to live as long as all of us. Our Ali Wafa (Donor lmez) grew up, grew up and made his dreams come true, The release says. “It’s time to say goodbye to him with all the miracles he did.”, Sentenced.

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