Logan Mailloux and Vanessa Cosi: Norman Brathwaite named a pig

Renowned radio host Normand Brathwaite loves gossip, which made him famous once upon a time, and he’s never been shy about talking about showbiz gossip.

“I’ve read somewhere that if you say something, but before you say it, ‘it seems…’ it’s become an urban legend. Also, when you close your eyes at the television and change your voice, you can say anything., he said with a smile. (Credit: CKOI)

“To this day, I can say that I lost many houses and money, because it is not true. »

“I was never prosecuted for what I said, but I was forced to bring people to Belle and Bum, who had no business being there.”

“They call me Monsieur X, but my real name is Andre Rapitaille, but I don’t want to lose my job at Radio-Canada, that’s why they call me Monsieur.

Brathwaite was asked what she thought of the rumors surrounding this season’s influencer, Vanessa Cosey and Logan Mailloux.

Let’s remember that “Vaper from the Sunwing” found Logan in a relationship with Mailleux and it worked to get people talking about him.

Mailloux never had a close relationship with the OnlyF model and Normand Brathwaite, unknowingly, did Mailloux a favor, distracting Shane Courson.

True to his direct and unfiltered style, Normand replied:

“I don’t know who Logan Mailloux is, but that day, there was a dirty bunch who screwed all the other players’ wives. He lived in the rue des Landes in Saint-Lambert. I don’t want to say his name, but it was Schne Sison. »

With this intervention, Normand unwittingly distracts Shane Courson.

Normand was asked to do some research to find out the truth behind Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire’s breakup.

“We’re going to talk about it next week, but, if we want to be transparent, we won’t bother. »

This comeback of Norman Brathwaite shows that even after all these years, he has lost none of his charm, humor and candor.

Logan Mailloux can thank him. For once, he wasn’t a “little pig.”

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