Corona Virus.  Austria deals with the unvaccinated.  They won't go to the movies or the hairdresser

On Sunday evening, the Ministry of Health detailed the new rules that will be implemented from Monday in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2G rule will apply, restricting access to various public places for people who have not been vaccinated or infected with COVID-19 in more than six months. Vaccinations are considered valid if more than nine months have passed since the second dose.

For a month, until December 6, there will be a transition period during which missed vaccinations can be carried out. During this time, PCR tests will be recognized. A special rule applies to people who have been vaccinated with a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – they must be revaccinated by January 2, otherwise they will not be considered vaccinated.

The 2G rule applies to all people over the age of 15. The exceptions are people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, as well as children up to 12 years old. In the case of young people up to the age of 15, the certificate issued on the basis of examinations taken in schools is taken.

The 2G rule will apply in all public places – “At the cinema, theatre, concerts, hairdresser, podiatry, fitness studio or sporting events, you will only be able to go to a vaccination or recuperate,” Vienna lists online. The 2G rule will also apply to visits to hospitals and care facilities, as well as to the hotel industry. Exceptions will be visits to palliative care, hospice and obstetrics, where the FFP2 mask can be worn.

The validity of the PCR test was determined for 72 hours, for the antigen test – 24 hours. The masks will be worn in stores as well as in museums and libraries. It is necessary to use the FFP2 mask, as it has long been practiced in Vienna. There is no requirement to wear a mask in “second generation” environments such as hostels or hotels.

It is not specified how long the new regulations will apply. On the other hand, each institution (hospital, theater, restaurant) will have the opportunity to define stricter regulations in its area – for example introducing the obligation to wear masks or showing additional testing.

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